In June 2008, approximately 20 community residents met at Hoover United Methodist Church to talk about the need for community action to protect Haven of Rest Cemetery.  The group initiated a program to clean up and take control of Haven of Rest Cemetery.  It was incorporated as the Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery, Inc.  in February 2009 and received tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in July 2009.
To date, Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery, Inc. has done an extraordinary job of cleaning up the cemetery.  Our efforts have been supported by the City of Little Rock, Arkansas Humanities Council, Forestry Commission, Arkansas Department of Corrections and many others. 



Responsibilities include:

  • Regular grass-cutting and cleanup during growing season
  • Observing three annual African American History Programs with walking tours
  • Initiating a fund raising program
  • Establishing an office space at 7101 West 12th Street, Little Rock, AR
  • Initiating actions to gain control and operate Haven of Rest Cemetery

Our mission is to ensure active participation and involvement of the African American community in all actions and activities related to the current and future control, management and preservation of Haven of Rest Cemetery in Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR. 


  • Former Senator Irma Hunter Brown, Chairman
    Maud Woods, Vice Chairman
    Thelma Shorter, Secretary
    Sandra Davis, Assistant Secretary
    Sammie Holmes, Treasurer

    Emanuel Brooks
    Eartha Daniel
    Gladys Jordan
    Rev. William H. Robinson
    Lottie Shackelford

We thank Grace Blagdon, John Fisher and Arma Hart for their service as founding members of the Board of Directors of Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery, Inc.

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Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery, Inc is currently working to save and restore this valuable treasure of African American history and keep it’s legacy alive.

Please give and help us save this historical landmark. Your tax deductible donations are critical and always greatly appreciated.


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